*An ingredient list is available upon request if you have allergies. Please email bakeoff@veg.ca but please note it is subject to change.

The 7th Annual Totally Fabulous Vegan Bake-off takes place on March 15, 2015.

Brilliant Brownies and Bars

Hip Little Squares
Cookie Dough Brownies
Peanut Butter Drizzle Brownies
Most Dateable Brownie
I don’t think you’re ready for this (peanut butter and) jelly (brownie)!

Captivating Cupcakes 1

Mango Tango Cupcakes
Double Drizzle Chocolate Caramel Turtle Cupcakes
Choco-PB Bliss
Gimme S’more Cupcakes!

Captivating Cupcakes and Donuts

Wee Kiwi ‘Splosion Strawberry Cupcakes
The Nutty Dough Boy Surprise
Snickerdoodle Cupcakes
Smores Doughnut
Strawberry Balsamic Donuts

Charming Cookies

Chocolate-Kissed Chai Biscotti
Lemony Lip-Smacker’s Coconutty Cookies
Decadent Double Chocolate Cookies
Super S’more Cookie
Meyer Lemon Cookies

Coffeehouse Creations

Layla & Majnun
Lemon Cranberry Scones
Chocolate Hemp Scones
Maple Pecan Sticky Buns

Creative Confections

S’moreo Bunnies
Balanced Bounty Bites
Chai Caramel Corn
World Pieces

Glorious Gluten-Free Sweets

Note: these entries are NOT certified GF, GF patrons will take priority overĀ others.

Silly Yak Bars
En-Lightened Trail Mix Cookies
Just eat ’ems
Beet Box


Professionally Crafted Gluten-Free Goodies

Note: these entries are NOT certified GF, GF patrons will take priority overĀ others.

Hazelnut Chocolate Macaron by TBC
2 Hip 2 Be Square Pumpkin Pi – Om Juice
Canadian Maple – Above and Beyond Cupcakes
White Chocolate Matcha Cheesecake – Unbaked Cake Co.
Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Icing – Bloomer’s

Professionally Crafted Vegan Classics

The One Brownie to Rule Them All – Om Juice
Baby Boston Creams – Bloomer’s
Maple Bacon Donuts – Veg Out
Quiche – Above and Beyond
Buffalo Seitan Chicken Puff – TBC

Scrumptious Savouries

When smokey met cheesy
Veg Sliders
Savoury Hemp Scones
Super Loaded Scones

Terrific Truffles and Balls

Chocolate Coconut Rum Balls
Chococonot-skin-deep Truffles
Drip Drop Better-Than-Cake-Pop Chocolate Balls
Taste My Schweddy Balls
Marzicane Truffles