Katarina Marie Poletto (Dolled Up Desserts)
Katarina Marie Poletto (Dolled Up Desserts)
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Katarina Poletto, also known by her pin up name Miss Katy
Rosalyn, is the founder and Chief Dessert Designer of
Dolled Up Desserts – Hamilton’s award winning gluten free
and vegan baking manufacturer. Dolled Up Desserts makes
simple baking mixes and delicious treats for the not so
simple diet, so you can enjoy dessert simply.
Katarina herself has been an avid baker since the age of 7,
and to accommodate her allergies, has baked gluten, dairy
and egg free for over 6 years. Katarina is passionate about
baking science, vintage fashion and lifestyle, and travel. She
feels totally fabulous to be participating in the 10th Annual
Vegan Bake Off!