March 11th 2018 at The Glass Factory and Lounge, 99 Sudbury Street
    Wanted: Fabulous Professional & Home Bakers
The 10th Totally Fabulous Vegan Bake-Off

Sunday March 11th, 2018 at The Glass Factory - 99 Sudbury

  • Ashley Francis 2018 Bakers

  • Sid Seth 2018 Bakers

    Perpetually enamoured with vegan cooking, baking, and eating. Love to try new recipes and cuisines. Excited to be a part of the 10th bake-off event and supporting the TVA in this totally fabulous social rendezvous of like-minded enthusiasts

  • Barbi Lynn Lazarus 2018 Bakers

    This will mark my 5 year bake-a-versary entering the vegan bake off and I’m excited to take part again! In between baking or indulging in Toronto’s amazing selection of vegan dining options, I can be found lazying around at home with my cats, exploring nearby parks or hanging out by the lake, or travelling to...

  • Denyse Mehta 2018 Bakers

    Denyse Mehta has always loved to bake but since gaining access to several vegan baking recipe books from the TVA, her love has grown exponentially. She is now taking it to the next step…baking contest.

  • Chihiro Maezawa (Natural Japaneats) 2018 Bakers

    We are a small operation, specializing in vegan, gluten-free Japanese sweets and snacks. We sell our products mostly at two popular Toronto farmers’ markets.

  • Fran Earle (Molly B’s Gluten-Free Kitchen) 2018 Bakers

    Baking everything in small batches, and with love, enjoy our treats – vegan, gluten-free, corn-free, soy-free, nut-free and non-gmo!!!

  • Rosie Lorraine Cornelius (Shine Baking Co.) 2018 Bakers

    Rosie is passionate about creating yummy sweets and savories that can be enjoyed by everyone. Her baked goods are always gluten free and vegan. Rosie’s choice to create inclusive fair stems from her love for animals, the environment, and people.

  • Corina Clarin (The Fix and Co.) 2018 Bakers

    Creating delicious and pleasing to the eye desserts has always been a passion of mine. Something that started off as a hobby, became real when I joined The Fix and Co., about 6 months ago, a plant based juicery and eatery. Both Adrianne and Tamara, owners of The Fix and Co., are so amazing because...

  • Emily Karlovitz Perry (Planted in Hamilton) 2018 Bakers

    Emily is the pastry chef at Planted in Hamilton. She considers herself a sneaky vegan advocate and is always trying to win skeptics over with tasty cruelty-free treats. Born and raised in the United States (BuyLegalMeds), Emily opened Oklahoma’s first exclusively vegan bakery before moving to Hamilton, ON in 2017.

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