2016 Recap
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A Totally Fabulous Time at the 8th Totally Fabulous Vegan Bake-Off

On Sunday, March 20th, 2016, more than 500 people came out to share in the tasting of samples from approximately 50 bakers at the 8th Totally Fabulous Vegan Bake-Off.

Dozens of vegetarian businesses donated an incredible array of fantastic prizes to award to our winners, including our premium sponsors Redpath Sugar, Dare Candy Co , Back Clinics and Magic Oven. Host and bake-off co-founder Lisa Pitman announced the winners in each category, who were chosen by attendees as well as three head judges: Corey Burt of Wishing Well Farm Sanctuary, Amanda Sommerville of Through Being Cool Bakery, and Dr. Tushar Mehta, local vegan MD.

We would like to thank the amazing team of more than 50 volunteers who made this event possible, as well as all the bakers who put so much effort into making their fabulous treats.

Congratulations to the winners! Photos care of Lawrence Fajardo and Katrine Gahol.

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Best in Show:

Lemonberry Wunderbars by Natalie Grimme

Best Pro in Show:

Come to the Dark Side Coconut Cream Bars by Sweet Olenkas

Best Presentation:

Flower Power by Reuben Jong

Runner Up: Knotty Buns by Courtney Burgin

Best Captivating Cupcake

Pop Goes Your Freakin Tastebuds by Nefertiti Wright
Runner Up: “Spin” with visit this page Avocado Cupcakes by Madhuri Chinmay Patel

Best Classic Cake or Donut

Vegan Marble by Lucia Sofronov

Runner Up: Funfetti Donuts by Lisa Le

Best Brilliant Brownie or Bar

Lemonberry Wunderbars by Natalie Grimme
Runner Up: Turtle Brownies by Ann Leriche-Byrdson

Best Charming Vegan Cookie

Maxima Mojito Cookies by Ali Bisram
Runner Up: TIE! Ginger “Snapper” Snap by Laura Mison and Rugelach by Jeanette Cabral & Teresa Smith

Best Creative Confection

Blissful Butterless Tart by Katie Hebert
Runner Up: Next Level Chocolate Caramel Peanut Butter Cups by Avra Epstien

Best TVA Staff & Board Showcase

Citrus Self Down for this Sub-Lime Cheeseless Cake by Kevin Downing
Runner Up: Nourishmoi chocolate bite by Rita Haddad

Best Glorious Gluten-Free Sweet

Sunshine Lemon Curd with Exotic Salsa by Darrah Clarke
Runner Up: Strawberries & Creamwich by Stephanie Fiore

Best Terrific Tart or Pie

Maple “Butter” Tart Squares by Kristina Balaam
Runner Up: Lemon Meringue Pie by Francesca Elliot

savouryBest Scrumptious Savoury or Scone

Knotty Buns by Courtney Burgin

Runner Up: Sunny “Meat” Tarts by Evelyn Pfeifer

Best Decadent Raw Dessert

Real Neapolitan Raw Cheese Cake by Orly Shamir

Runner Up: Flower Power by Reuben Jong

Professionally Crafted Creations

Bite-Sized Shepherd Pies by Grains Grains Grains!
Runner Up: Compassion Flakies by Apiecalypse Now!

bestinproBest Professionally Crafted Gluten-Free Goodie

Come to the Dark Side Coconut Cream by Sweet Oklenka’s
Runner Up: Orange and Fudge Gluten-Free Brownie Stack by Apiecalypse Now!

Kid’s Choice Award

Tart Attack! By the Jongsma Kids